Why Splash?

noticeable superior quality of service in window washing, gutter cleaning, and power washing
young and enthusiastic crew you will be able to explain your needs and expectations  

professional well-maintained clean equipment that won’t damage your property 

staff wearing company's uniforms, so you know who is on our team

fast and convenient service that won’t keep you stranded for hours at home while we work

straightforward pricing true to the estimate that won’t won't surprise you at the end

convenient payment methods, we accept payment methods that are most convenient to you

trained staff that will handle your property with attention and care    

​full workers compensation and liability insurance so no liability falls on you   

nontoxic cleaning agents safe to your family and pets, and that will give your windows lasting shine 

clean space after work - we will clean after ourselves so you don't have to

Splash Services has been serving Chicago's suburban communities since 2010, when after five years of working in the industry, we decided to start our own window washing, gutter cleaning, and power washing service. With almost a decade of experience under our belt, we are fully dedicated to meet your wishes and expectations in regards to the provided service, making customer satisfaction our number one priority. Our dedication brings us satisfaction and allows to build lasting relationships with our customers. During the years of work with many clients we learned from our own work and mistakes made by our competition. This resulted with our “zero complaint policy,” according to which we keep to our high standards and excel at providing you with the quality of service you want and deserve. Whether it’s window washing, gutter cleaning, or power washing, we are here for you to bring the shine back to your home and/or business. 

The Best Window Washing Service in Chicago

Splash Services 


The best testimony to our outstanding service is the fact that 75% of our clients are referrals and regular customers - with many using our services since we started back in 2010.  If you decide to use Splash Services, you will soon understand what our other longtime clients appreciate about our service. You will also see that it is you, our customer, who is our priority and a reason we strive for the highest quality of service. To read comments from our current clients you can visit our testimonial page.   

If you are tired of dirty outdated equipment, people not caring and causing damage to your property, and a low quality of work, or if you just crave a better quality of service paired with a personal touch, Splash will be a perfect fit for you.

Splash window washing, gutter cleaning, and power washing offers: