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Professional Power Washing Service

Bring back fresh look to your siding, paving, tiles, patio furniture, and many more with professional power washing. Splash Services can pressure wash almost any surface in your backyard.    

Our washing specialists always strive to give you the most competitive pricing. That is why in order to accurately estimate the final quote, Splash pressure washing specialist will need to visit you on site to determine the size of the surface and amount and kind of dirt we are going to work with. Our power washing service provides free quote service anywhere in Chicagoland area. If you would rather hear some initial estimation before us visiting, call our Chicago number (708) 513-1088 or contact us via e-mail.    

Splash Services specializes in pressure washing of all major surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete, greystone, siding, and many more.      

We offer a wide range of power washing services throughout the entire Chicago-land area. If you've been looking at your patio furniture, deck, or sidewalk lately and thinking it could use some refreshing, call our pressure washing specialists and bring back the shine to your home. 

Our Chicago power washing service offers pressure washing for:

● commercial properties, 

● businesses, 

● apartment buildings,  

● residences. 

Power Washing: Other Surfaces

If you are interested in power washing your home or business her is a simple pricing guide. If your building has an irregular shape, or you are not sure how to apply the pricing to your building, please contact us or call at (708) 513-1088​. 

Power Washing Pricing

(708) 513-1088

● Power washing and cleaning of wooden decks

● House siding pressure washing 

● Brick cleaning 

● Driveway power washing 

● Pavement and sidewalk refreshing

● Power washing of tile and paver 

● Awning Cleaning and pressure washing 

Stairwell power washing

● Cleaning and power washing of flat roofs

● Refreshing and pressure cleaning of statues 

● Cleaning and power washing of patios

● Parking garage power washing 

● Concrete pressure washing 

● Limestone cleaning

Splash Power Washing Results

​Our power washing team will remove all gunk, algae, and dirt from almost any surface. We pressure wash surfaces such as (but not limited to):

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