Our Chicago's premiere window cleaning service, has the skills and equipment to deal with the most stubborn dirt without leaving any smudges or streaks. Our professional window cleaning technicians are trained to deal with even the most challenging dirt stains to leave your windows sparkling clean. Forget about DIY cleaning that will take time, cut into your budget, risk injury, and leave your windows prone to getting dirty all over again. With our affordable prices and superior quality of window cleaning, you can sit and relax while we do the work that will bring lasting results.   

• Water overflowing from the gutters can damage walls of your house - staining and molding 

• Overflowing gutter water may create puddles and ruin the  landscaping around the house  

• Water standing in the clogged gutter may cause the gutter to rust and necessitate replacement

​• In the winter, water staying in the gutter may freeze and expand causing the gutter to crack

• Frozen gutter water may also weigh down the gutter and cause damage to the roof

• Backed up water and moisture can cause molding and create a perfect environment for insect like  mosquito, cockroaches,  and termites to build their nests

• Water trickling from gutters on wooden siding can cause rotting

• Leaking or overflowing gutters can soak into the ground and damage your foundation and potentially  even flood your  basement with a heavy rainfall     

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of your building's maintenance but may be challenging if your house, as are many in Chicagoland's suburban neighborhoods, is surrounded by trees. Nevertheless, clean gutters are your best protection against water damage from rain and snow. Cleaning your gutters in a timely fashion, can save you a lot of money in repairs and renovations caused otherwise by clogged or broken gutters. Splash Services gutter cleaners will make sure to remove all debris and make minor repairs your gutters need to prevent any future damage to your home and the gutters themselves. The best time to clean out the gutters are early spring and early fall - just in time to keep gutters clean for the rainy summer, and then clean out all the fall leaves and prepare for Chicago's severe winter weather. Nevertheless, if you notice any leaking or insufficient drain from your gutters at any point during the year, you should call our Chicago team to take care of it immediately. The sooner you react to the possible gutter clog, the better.     

• Cleaning of the concrete driveways and sidewalks in your yard
• Pressure washing your wooden and vinyl siding panels

• Washing of external building surfaces such as brick, stucco,           cladding, and stone wall   

• Cleaning and restoring deck panels and outdoor ceramic tile

​• Removing dirt of patio furniture and play sets

• Extending life and enhancing look of your fences

• Cleaning your pool area to keep it fresh and safe for you and         your family

• Many, many more.  

Don't let the dirt, grime, and algae eat into your property's value and order periodical pressure washing. Nothing brings the polished fresh look to your property more effectively than well-maintained clean walls and surfaces around your house. Splash cleaning technicians can pressure wash almost any surface covered with dirt, dust, or grime. Our Chicago's premiere power washing crew is ready to tackle the worst stains and significantly improve the appearance of your home, yard, and/or business.    

No job is too hard for the professional window washing service like Splash. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, our Chicago crew provides the best quality of service for a competitive price. Our window washers will scrub your windows from any grime and greasy residue to bring back the shine to your windows. Whether you are preparing for the family reunion, selling your property, or want to bring more clients to your business with a clean polished look, Splash window cleaners are here to assist you with achieving maximum satisfaction.   

Residential Window Washing 

Interior and Exterior Window Care

• Window cleaning - up to four-stories 
• One time window cleaning
• Maintenance (repeated) window cleaning
• Restaurant window washing
• Retail vitrine cleaning 

• Post-construction window cleaning
• Office buildings & office parks window washing
• Medical & dental offices window washing 
• Car dealership window cleaning 

• Large glass surface washing 

Commercial Window Washing 

Exterior Glass Surfaces:

• Full service window cleaning
• Post-construction window washing
• Tracks & frames cleaning  
• Storms & screens cleaning

​• Pre-sale improvement  

• Exterior lighting fixtures

• Greenhouses, atriums, and sun rooms 

Interior Glass Surfaces:


• Interior lighting fixtures cleaning

• Crystal chandeliers cleaning 
• Skylight care
• Patio glass, porches, winter gardens, gazebos
• Move out/move in window cleaning

• Mirror Cleaning 

Professional Gutter Cleaning 

Professional Power Washing

Our Services Include

Professional Window Washing

Splash window washing specialists offer a wide range of services for private clients and businesses in Chicagoland area. We provide professional window washing, gutter cleaning, and power washing services to residential as well as commercial and industrial buildings. We will wash any window up to four story level with proficiency and care that will leave your windows shining for months to come. Our professional cleaning service will also bring back a fresh look to the stained surfaces around your property with pressure washing. As Chicago's premiere professional window cleaning and power washing provider, we will make sure that you will get the best cleaning service for a reasonable price.  

Let us bring the shine back to your home and business

Services offered by Splash 

Splash pressure washing can be used for:

Failing to clean your gutters in consistent timely fashion can potentially cause a lot of damage to your home.