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Window Washing Quote in Four Steps

The final price of window cleaning service is dependent on the number of windows and whether you would like us to wash outside only, or inside windows as well. Below you will find our pricing and an easy guide to easily estimate the your final pricing for professional window washing. Differently than our competition, at Splash Services we offer a very simple straightforward pricing that will help you do your own window cleaning price estimate. Below, you will find an easy way to estimate your total cost of window cleaning.     

If you would like us to estimate the price for you, we offer a free quote upon request on site in Chicagoland area. 

No matter how big your house is, or how cumbersome it may be, our Splash window cleaners will be able to get them shining. Our Chicago's premiere window cleaning service will be able to tackle the hardest stains and leave your windows sparkling clean. With our easy estimation system you will be able to easily count your windows and guestimate your final quote. To count your windows, just use the graphic below for guidance. If you would like our window washing specialist to come by and count the windows for you, just call our Chicago number provided above.    

Call Splash Services at (708) 513-1088

If you have any additional questions considering the estimation, call our number or send us a message via our Contact page. Upon request, we can come by and do the estimation for you FREE of charge.  


Storms and Screens  


Window sills              

$2 each

$10 each

​$1 each


Storm windows - additional windows or glass elements attached outside or inside the main window. Storm windows can be made of glass, or plastic sheets/panels. Storms may be mounted permanently or temporarily and you may have one or two of those per window. 

Window screen - mesh mounted outside of your window. You may have one or two of those per window.   









Window Washing Price Estimation in Four Easy Steps

Count Storms and Screens

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